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My Time 2

This atmospheric, erotically charged movie sees gorgeous Mira V enjoy a moment of pure self-indulgence. The scene is a luxurious bathroom. A candle is burning and a metronome is ticking until Mira silences it, as though she’s bringing time itself to a standstill. Mira – pretty and slender, with a brunette bob, vampish black eye make-up and cute dimples in her cheeks – poses in a little black dress, then peels it off, letting it drop to the floor. She sits on the black tile surround of a luxurious bathtub and smears oil from a jug over her small breasts, fingertips circling her nipples. Next, she lies down and drizzles more oil on her body, her hand inching toward her trimmed mound as she works it over her skin. She soon begins to rub her clit then slips her fingers inside of her shaved pussy as her breaths come in soft gasps. Then, as her excitement rises, she brings her legs up, toes pointed. Rolling on her side, she displays her rounded ass, with her plump-lipped pussy peeking out between her cheeks, her fingers working deep inside. Nearing the brink, she sits up, with her legs splayed and her feet braced on tiptoe, her hand a blur as she frigs her clit. She pours a stream of oil down over her tits and flat belly, drenching her pussy with it as her fingers plunge in deep. Her moans get louder and become cries of pleasure as she finally cums. She drops the jug, which clatters onto the oil-soaked tile, then, in a trance of pleasure, runs her slick hands over her skin. Finally, she blows out the candle and sets the metronome ticking once more…


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